Fellow FELAS

Fellow FELAS

Fellow European Latino American Society (FELAS) is an honor established to recognize Eurolam members for their individual contributions, accomplishments, and leadership to the Society. The FELAS title is awarded to Extraordinary Members with a commitment with Eurolam for at least 5 years.

Induction includes:

  • The certificate of the FELAS and The Diploma Award Ceremony.
  • The right to use the special designation FELAS (Fellow of ELAS). The candidates may add the title FELAS after their name.
Diploma Award Ceremony

In the presence of the Executive Committee of the European Latino American Society, the candidates will receive the Ophthalmology Diplomas. The Diploma is signed by the President and Coordinator of the Board.

The diploma is offered by the Maimónides University, Ophthalmological Center for Research and Development in a collaboration with Dr. D. Pelayes (ARGENTINA).

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