Eurolam Trauma works together with the International Society of Ocular Trauma (ISOT), groups with a
special interest in ocular trauma. The society promotes ocular trauma prevention, treatment, and
rehabilitation through education and research.

Ocular trauma is an evolving specialty that includes a specific combined knowledge of the anterior and
posterior segment. Eye trauma represents a medical and surgical challenge; each case has to be evaluated
individually to determine the best management. It is of vital importance to share personal experiences and
results to grow up together.

Eurolam Trauma and ISOT promote the collaboration with International Injury Registry: the United
States Eye Injury Registry (USEIR), that has accumulated the largest database of eye injuries in the world
and the World Eye Injury Registry (WEIR). Eurolam Trauma and ISOT promote the terminology
standardization through the BETTS classification (Birmingham Eye Trauma Terminology System).
Eurolam Trauma and ISOT organize a biannual ocular trauma congress and sponsors meetings on ocular

Trauma Committee

Executive Committee

Ferenc Kuhn (Hungary-USA) President
David E. Pelayes (Argentina) Vice President
Sundaram Natarajan (India) General Secretary

Scientific Committee

Robert Morris (USA), José Dalma (Mexico), Jan Dalma (South Africa), Matteo Forlini (Italy), Viktoria Mester (UAE), Wolfgang Schrader (Germany), Federico Graue (Mexico), René Cano (Mexico), Samuel Boyd (Panama), Gregorio Gabela (Ecuador), Carlos Abdala (Colombia), Thomas Wolfensberger (Switzerland), Giampaolo Gini (Italy/UK), Hua Yan (China).


The International Society of Ocular Trauma (ISOT) was stablished at the first General Assembly in 1982.
The founding committee was with Dr. Giora Treister as President, that later was succeeded by Dr. Robert
Morris and nowadays is Dr. Ferenc Kuhn.

The International Society of Ocular Trauma (ISOT) has been actively participating in various
international conferences since 1982. The first ISOT Congress was organized in Tel Aviv in 1989.

Trauma congresses

  • 2022 Buenos Aires (Argentina)
  • 2020 Berlin (Germany)
  • 2018 Portoroz (Slovenia)
  • 2014 Dubrovnik (Croatia)
  • 2012 Jaipur (India)
  • 2010 Buenos Aires (Argentina)
  • 2008 Wurzburg (Germany)
  • 2006 Rome (Italy)
  • 2003 Sopron (Hungary)
  • 2000 Montreal (Canada)
  • 1997 Mumbai (India
  • 1994 Cancún (Mexico)
  • 1992 Geneva, Switzerland
  • 1989 Tel Aviv (Israel)