Coordinator Member

What is a Coordinator Member?

The society is form by a community of ophthalmologist volunteering to work together. The Coordinator Member has a key role in Eurolam with a very active participation.

Ophthalmologist with a specific interest in academic development and having a close relationship with the Society’s activities, that wants to lead and coordinate activities.

The ideal candidates are young ophthalmologists willing to grow up in the ophthalmology community. The post is selected and proposed by the corresponding committee. It is considered an honor and given to ophthalmologist with an outstanding dedication to the academy. The post is offered for a certain period of time.


  • To form part of the ophthalmological community
  • To receive and create newsletters of Eurolam activities
  • To receive a membership diploma of extraordinary coordinator member
  • To participate in the Eurolam activities, symposium and congresses
  • o lead ophthalmological projects and studies
  • To coordinate Eurolam activities
  • Reduced fees and inscriptions to congresses

To volunteer for being a Coordinator Member, you have to send an email to contact

Monterry Congress 2020